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Bernhard et ReibelThe Philosophy

The Philosophy

The Philosophy

Respect for nature, people and the wine

All Bernhard Reibel wines are produced in accordance with the rules of organic farming certified by Ecocert. This means a total absence of synthetic chemical products, whether it be in the vineyard or in the cellar.


The soil is ploughed entirely mechanically: tilling, earthing/banking up, cutting/reaping … This allows the earth to remain alive, thus preserving the rich ecosystem (the surrounding fauna and flora). The vines are protected from sickness with the help of natural sulphur, “bouillie bordelaise” (Bordeaux mush/broth) and herbal/plant mixtures and by means of numerous ecological practices such as training the plants, vine-branching and thinning out the leaves whenever this is necessary.

Ever respectful of the living soil, we harvest the grapes by hand so as to preserve their quality. Our objective: to express the terroir in the bottle.

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Independent winemaker

For many years we have adhered to the Independent Winemakers’ Charter. This means that we are committed to personally ensuring, ourselves, all the successive stages of the process from the production to the selling of our wines.

But being an Independent Winemaker also means sharing common values:

Commitment – A commitment to do everything we can in the vineyard and in the cellar to produce wines of great quality. A commitment to offer a warm welcome to all those who wish to taste and buy our wines directly from the Domaine.

Respect – A respect of our soil and of our terroirs, which we take all care to keep organically alive so as to be able to pass them on to future generations. A respect for the vines and for the women and men who work with them throughout the year. A respect for the wines that we produce with dedication. And, not least, a respect for those who honour us by enjoying our wines at our winery or elsewhere.

Sharing – Sharing the passion which makes us want to go to work everyday in vineyard and in the cellar. Sharing our savoir-faire when we receive the numerous wine-lovers wanting to learn more about our craft. And finally sharing our wine, which is made to accompany the best moments in life.